Affiliate program

Posh Friendsd – An affiliate program that includes three casinos: JoyCasino, Casino-X.

Earn up to 35% of the project revenue from RevShare programs.

A classic Commission program that provides a stable income from the project’s profit. Negative balances are not transferred to new accounting periods. RevShare does not require activation and is available to all partners. The best solution for the long term, as it guarantees a constant income throughout the life cycle of attracted referrals.* The RevShare interest rate is dynamic and depends on the Number of new active referrals attracted by the partner.


Gambling Craft – Partner program from Play Fortuna and Booi.

Payments from casino revenue reach 50%.

The affiliate program is a tool for interaction between webmasters and online casinos. Use our advertising materials on your websites, blogs, and other resources. Start working with our partner program, and today you will be able to earn money by attracting players.



Play Attack – The affiliate program includes a casino: Slot V, Frank, Columbus, mr.Bit, Drift, Aplay.

Up to 55% of income for life.

Our unique platform gives you the highest profit . You can focus on your traffic, and we’ll do the rest.

The best offer in any affiliate program is the broker’s profit share. Our partners receive up to 55% of revenue from their clients ‘ activities over the entire life of the platform.


Slotum Partners – Casino affiliate program Slotum.

Partner payments up to 45% of the casino’s revenue.

We are a team of creative professionals with many years of experience in the gaming industry. Our main goal is to satisfy the players and partners of our casino!



Fast Pay affilates – Partner program from Fast Pay and Instant Pay.

40% Flat Deal and 5% From sub-affiliate earnings.

Welcome to FastPay Affiliates.

Flat deal for all affiliates from the beginning.


Best online casino affiliate programs: reviews and ways to earn money

Despite strict legal restrictions on offline casinos, interest in gambling in Russia and the CIS countries has not disappeared. It is safe to say that the bans have had a positive impact on the development of online casinos. As in offline casinos, online casinos can be classified as highly profitable businesses. However, there is one fundamental difference between them: unlike their offline counterparts, online casino owners are willing to share their profits. And they are shared with webmasters who bring players to online casinos through an affiliate program.

Online casino affiliate programs are suitable for both experienced webmasters and beginners. Using various advertising materials (and in this niche, the owners of affiliate programs are especially generous with promotions), you can attract players, receiving a considerable percentage of each Deposit they make or the amount they lose. In General, there are 4 models that such affiliate programs use to work with webmasters.

Casino affiliate programs reviews

1. RevShare (Revenue Share) – the most common model. According to it, the webmaster receives a percentage of the casino’s profit. This percentage usually varies from 40 to 75, depending on the casino’s affiliate program and the volume of traffic delivered. It should be taken into account that it is the profit of the casino itself that is meant, so a certain percentage is deducted from the amount lost by the player for licenses to use games, some affiliate programs may include other expenses in this amount.

But do not forget that players not only lose, but also win. In this case, the same 40-75% is deducted from the webmaster’s balance, but under the “minus”sign. Some casino affiliate programs reset this negative balance once a month – that is, you will not go into the negative. This factor should be taken into account when choosing an affiliate program if you want to work under the RevShare scheme.

2. % of deposits – the casino partner program pays a percentage of all deposits made by the listed player. It is considered the most secure scheme, since the risks of the above-mentioned “minus” are no longer present. The percentage is usually in the range of 20-30.

3. CPA model or a fixed amount for the registration of the player. This scheme has become widespread relatively recently. By selecting it, you can receive a fixed amount of money at the time of registration of the given player. They pay a lot – from 50 to 150 dollars. This type of deduction is only included for verified partners.

4. Hybrid schemes – combine CPA and one of the first two models. Bids in this scheme are usually discussed individually with each webmaster.

The nice thing is that the first two schemes allow you to earn passive income, because most of the players listed will play constantly. Registration via the partner link will link the account of this player in the casino with your account in the partner program and all further deposits, winnings and losses can be tracked in your partner account.

It is most effective to advertise on your sites, forums, and blogs. If you don’t have your own sites, then traffic arbitration is also suitable. The main source of arbitrage traffic is still teaser and banner networks. Social networks can also be monetized using online casino affiliate programs. Potentially – from there you can pour decent amounts of high-quality traffic. But this should be done with skill and care, because moderators will definitely not miss direct advertising of gambling games. Generally speaking, the casino theme falls under the category of entertainment traffic, and there is always a lot of it and it costs less than many other areas.