A company that doesn’t follow trends and releases games in its own unique design. Amatic slot machines may seem old at first glance, old-fashioned images and a standard sound track, but perhaps this is what plays into the hands of the company’s popularity. This is one of the oldest providers, whose specialists did not even think about producing online slots for gambling sites with games for money.

History of Amatic

The company was originally opened in 1993 to create slot machines for land-based casinos. The owner of Amatic Industries was R. Bauer, who perfectly found a common language with future partners. And Amatic slot machines almost immediately began to enjoy popularity among land-based gambling clubs. Modern gambling zones still use slot machines developed in Amatic.

At the opening, the company’s staff consisted of only 23 specialists, but their enthusiasm and dedication led Amatic to unprecedented success. The 90s were a turning point in the understanding of gambling in General, because with the development of the Internet, manufacturers of games for money realized that sooner or later you can play right from home. But with the production of online slots, Amatic did not hurry, simultaneously releasing machines for sports betting, boards for video lotteries and other components for slot machines.

With the development of the Amatic provider, the owner of the company R. Bauer agrees with neighboring countries to introduce slot machines from Amatic to gambling clubs. Gradually, the company’s influence expanded, and the brand began to be recognized by casino owners in popular gambling zones.

The Amatic slot machines that we see today started appearing in 2011. It was in that year that the company opened a subsidiary called Amanet, which was engaged in online slots for online casinos. Each slot machine has an average return rate of 96%, which is one of the best figures among competit

For several years of working in the online casino market, the company has released more than 100 online slots, almost each of them has an individual game mechanics, with a unique bonus game. Since the beginning of amanet, The company cooperates only with licensed gambling establishments on the Internet, because they value their reputation very much. And cooperation with fake casino sites is prohibited by regulators who certify every released game.

What are Amatic slot machines famous for?

After opening in many gambling zones around the world, players began to recognize Amatic slot machines. A high percentage of returns in the game, which is one of the main parameters when choosing a slot machine, unique design of slots and a simple interface. The company’s reputation is impeccable, so every gambling establishment in the network wants to place online slots from Amanet.