Casino reviews



The notion of honest casino

Finding a good online casino that meets international standards is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, especially with the abundance of script Volcanoes and outright scammers on the Internet. We are now seeing a rather unstable market, it would seem that casinos that worked normally yesterday are starting to throw players right and left today. Therefore, it will be normal to keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the behavior of each institution, in fact, this is what our site is for. This category includes only online casinos that are proven by players and time. Let’s highlight the points that should be present in any self-respecting casino:

  • It is logical that such a casino should accept players from most countries of the world
  • Good reputation of online casinos for a long time
  • Availability of a gambling license
  • Licensed slots
  • Absence of any fake gaming provider or slots on the casino’s website
  • High withdrawal limits
  • A wide selection of slots and game providers
  • Adequate and fast support service
  • A nice and intuitive website

Main quality criteria for top online casinos

All casino ratings compiled on our project are based on hundreds of opinions of players, bloggers and reputable resources that have earned a well-deserved trust. We took into account all the reviews from the Runet forums and made our choice. The top casinos in the gambling industry are those that show a high level of business compared to their competitors, in other words, you can find a higher service for each player.

  • Quick payouts within 1-2 hours
  • A quick check of the gaming account
  • Representative on the site, forum thread
  • Self-exclusion in the casino, the inability to cancel it
  • Lots of gaming software
  • Design, lack of lag is client casino