How online casinos work

The whole truth about license
online casino

Licensed online casinos do not open very quickly and require a lot of financial resources to open. They rent the original software, which costs quite a bit. All slots in licensed casinos work on the game provider’s server. Therefore, in the admin panel, there is no access to the software and the casino can not regulate the return in any way.

On the servers of game providers and there is a return adjustment, the usual random. Even if the casino is brand new and you think you can’t win there, it’s not.

What is the most important thing in licensed online casinos

The most important thing in licensed online casinos is, of course, fast payouts, user-friendly interface, round-the-clock online chat and a generous bonus policy, at least. Also, it is very important to have top game providers that would be something to play.

Verification of the game account should take place without any problems and quickly. Many people want to delay it and require various documents to keep your payment. Therefore, make full verification immediately upon registration.

The casino, of course, should please you with different buns, usually this happens every week. Reload bonuses, free free spins, cashbacks and gifts for active players.

The whole truth about online casinos scripted (not licensed)

In scripted online casinos, things are quite different. You don’t need a lot of financial resources to open this, you don’t need to request different licenses, and they are afraid for their reputation. Such virtual casinos are opened every day and in batches. A fully accessible admin panel where the casino can adjust returns at will.

Usually the brand name is made by Vulkan Casino, why Vulkan? Because people offline played a lot in this brand of casino and everything remained in their memory. These online casinos with the Vulkan brand have nothing to do with what they were.

With payments in scripted casinos, everything is different, depending on which owner, he may be such that he will never pay you a ruble. And there are also those that would cover up and make the return maximum and pay you a small win. Forget about the huge winnings in the script casino forever.

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