Probably every slot fan played igrosoft slot machines. The peak of this provider’s popularity was in the early 2000s. If you visited a gaming establishment at this time, you will certainly know these games.

What are they known for

As I mentioned above, these games were used in land-based gaming clubs and casinos. These slots were mostly used:

The choice was not very rich, as in an online casino. So it was easy to remember them. Many players are more used to playing “Monkeys” or “Garage” than exploring new items. From this we can conclude that the software is still relevant among gamblers today.

If you look at it from the other side, of course, Igrosoft is much inferior to modern slot machines, whose games are improving every day and look more interesting.

These games do not differ in big winnings. Therefore, the focus is on quick returns in small amounts. Absolutely all slots are of the same type with the same mechanics and mathematics of the game. There are only visual differences.