Types of licenses

Gambling enthusiasts demand guarantees of fair compliance with the established rules and regulations. Otherwise, there is distrust of the gambling establishment, which leads to a constant drop in demand. For online casinos, this problem is all the more urgent, since unlike land-based casinos, they are not available for physical prosecution by the authorities. For this reason, the presence of one of the license options at an interactive casino is quite acceptable to both sides of this business.

There are several major jurisdictions that distribute international licenses with varying degrees of availability. Most of them give the right to provide gambling services everywhere, with the exception of those countries where gambling is prohibited or their own rules apply to licensing. Let’s take a closer look at the conditions for obtaining and classification of the main types of online casino licenses.


Great Britain — United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The British regulator launched an offensive on the online market in 2014, which was made possible by changes in the legislation of the United Kingdom. All brands that claimed to continue operating within the country were subjected to total verification. The selection criteria were chosen as strict as possible. Therefore, if you see the license certificate of the UK Commission among the official documents of an online casino, do not doubt that this institution is worthy of your attention.


Alderney — ALDERNEY Gambling Control Commission

Another crown possession of the British monarchs, the island of Alderney also has its own gambling Commission, which enjoys an impeccable reputation. Therefore, its clients include exclusively large and popular online casinos, the status of which does not raise doubts about the integrity. To get an Alderney license, you must seriously qualify for or be a member of the world’s top online gambling establishments. This is the case when the regulator is not supported by efficiency and fairness in handling complaints, but by their almost complete absence.


Cyprus, Curacao, Costa Rica, Kanawake, Montenegro and others…

The gambling commissions of these States and territories are not discriminating and actually grant licenses to everyone who has paid the entry fee and meets the minimum set of requirements. In this case, there is no question of checking the integrity of the software used — the minimum means that the transfer to top up the balance reaches the required recipient and is displayed on the site. Licensees of offices from this list have repeatedly been caught in an unfair game with the use of fake software and a corrected percentage of return issues.



Isle of man — Gambling Supervision Commissionssion

The Isle of man Commission has an impeccable reputation and approaches the process of screening applicants with the utmost meticulousness. This territory is not part of the United Kingdom, but is closely connected with it, since it is the crown land of the British monarchy. Players rarely have unsolvable conflicts with casinos that have received this type of license. If there are such cases, it is enough to fill out and send the application form to the Commission so that the issue is considered and resolved in accordance with the rules.


Gibraltar — Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

The gambling Commission of the colony of great Britain has gained a crystal-clear reputation due to the most conscientious assessment of applicants for a license. To get the appropriate quality mark, it is not enough for applicants to pay a certain amount to the regulator’s cash register, but they must meet the requirements for the quality of services and the company’s reputation. The depth of verification reaches, among other things, the degree of integrity of the software used. The Gibraltar license adorns the collection of most of the industry’s leading brands.


Malta — Malta Gaming Authority

Malta shows a high degree of loyalty to all types of money games, including interactive casinos. Since 2015, a new specialized gambling Commission has appeared on the island, which over several years has earned a good reputation among players and solid business representatives. The main features are the absence of bias and the most complete audit of applicants. Therefore, an online casino with a Maltese license is guaranteed to meet the assigned class (from 1 to 4, depending on the declared field of activity).



The gambling Commission The Estonian government turned its attention to gambling in 2008, after a severe economic crisis. The result was a permit for companies that provide online casino services and other types of gambling. Despite the strict requirements for applicants and the high tax rate, due to membership in the European Union, a license from Estonia is in demand among reputable organizations.

Philippines — First Cagayan

An online casino licensing center designed primarily for establishments of Asian origin and therefore not very well known to players from Europe. It enjoys a good reputation due to the fact that online casinos operating under its license receive a minimum of negative reviews and complaints from users.